How to Get AmexCard in Japan?

We are a directly operated agent accepted by Amex of Japan.


Elements necessary to get a credit card in Japan


Important Check Points.


1.Do you have Residence information and Street adress?


2. Do you have Telephone number assigned in Japan? (090 080 050 030 and other)


3.Repayment account in Japanese financial institutions.


1to3 Essential element.


Even better


4.Stable income and occupation or Student.


5.Married to a Japanese.


6.Living for a long time.


Do you have AmericanExpressCard in USA or EEA ?


If You have AmericanExpressCard in USA or EEA , You can get AmexCard in Japan easily.


Because credit survey has already been completed and strong recommendation can be obtained from the parent Amex company.


Amex of USA is a parent company, so if there is recommendation there, Japanese subsidiary will issue credit card easily!


Dont forget to have call center staff attentive before your appraisal!